Be more intuitive !

À propos de moi

With “Retail” from Robotopi, take advantage of your customers’ waiting time. Our Pepper robot intuitively meets your customers to ask about their needs and expectations. It acts in support of information with your customers so that they are informed about your different offers, contests and promotions. When the visitor wishes to finalize his purchase, Pepper proposes to him to meet a sales adviser or to make an appointment. Through a customer survey, Pepper collects the satisfaction level of your visitors.

Customer information

Pepper presents your activity and records the customer’s first information.

Customer decision support

Pepper accompanies and guides your customers to refine their search.

Information request

Pepper informs you that a customer wishes to have more information and to meet an advisor.

My features

  • French design robot humanoid
  • Natural interactions with the visitor
  • Always connected to the society system

My expertise

  • Welcome customers
  • Presentation of offers
  • Making appointments


At the Innorobo show (the first European robotic fair), the humanoid robot Pepper, star product of Softbank Robotics (formerly Aldebaran), was officially inaugurated and marketed in Europe. Robotopi, a subsidiary of Conserto, is the privileged distributor for the commercialization and development of Pepper solutions in the professionnel field.